We made music move to your groove.

Raumfeld, enriching the way consumers listen to music at home.

Raumfeld, a renowned producer of wireless audio systems since 2008, recognised that the way consumers listened to music at home had changed and that their central controller, a smartphone app, was no longer adequate – neither structurally nor, functionally nor aesthetically - to satisfy their customers. Raumfeld asked SinnerSchrader to help them optimise the outdated software structure to enable a reinvigoration of home music entertainment for a relaunch.

Different musical taste for different rooms.

Consumers told us that their musical preferences change with different household tasks. Whilst upbeat jazz suited cooking, subdued rhythms were preferred in the bath. ‘Control Room’ and ‘Room Change’ are smart functions designed to give customers the maximum flexibility of playlist selection and control in multiple rooms with a few easy taps.

All music in the palm of your hand.

With the explosion of music streaming services, we opened up the interface to integrate popular music services, including Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud and many more. Playlists could be created easily, from local files, streaming services or the home network.

Designing the mood for music.

Consumers simply wanted to enjoy their music. Nothing more, nothing less. So, we set out to cater to this by making things effortless, streamlined and beautiful. We designed a user experience that made everything one click, swipe or tap away. Navigation and filters enabled users to find their tracks quickly. An always visible centrepiece, the Miniplayer, was used for quick multiroom overviews and track control. And, a modern visual design language, such a large images, high contrast and animated transitions, aimed to amplify the emotional experience of music entertainment.

The Raumfeld Multiroom home music entertainment app is a truly transformational product. It enriches the way consumers can listen to music in their homes and transforms Raumfeld wireless audio systems into a music ecosystem.

Christoph Mörl, Managing Director


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