We pioneered online trading services.

The answer to the questions of the FinTech world: maxblue.

Fifteen years ago when Deutsche Bank, together with SinnerSchrader, launched maxblue, it helped pioneer the online trading services in Germany. It disrupted the trading world, giving investors the opportunity to trade with efficiency for the first time. Over a decade later, we were asked to relaunch history, to meet the needs of today’s investor. Investors who are more technologically savvy, with many different devices and sky-high expectations.

Meeting the demands of the youth.

Putting on the user’s lens.

The approach to meet our user’s needs was to be the user. So we put on our users’ lenses, deconstructed their investment journey and then rethought the whole thing. We co-created with customers, clients and a multidisciplinary team, through an iterative service design process of eleven in-depth customer interviews, creative brainstorming and rapid prototyping.

Making things simple.

Our solution was to transform the trading service into a self-directed and educational experience. Core to this was to keep things simple for the user. A new UX concept was designed that quickly guided users to relevant information. A team was set up to fuel a new ‘Investment Trends’ content section with frequent and valuable articles. And expert copywriters were hired to transform complex jargon into easily digestible pieces.

Levelling with the FinTech world.

The platform was specifically designed with a vision to outmatch the trends of the FinTech start-up world. A data-driven ETF selection tool was integrated with the intention that it be continuously extended into a full-fledged Robo Advisor, an intelligent data-driven algorithm that evaluated an investor’s risk-taking barometer and advised on the best investment options.

Laying the foundation.

The responsive platform built was powered by an engine that was made to withstand the velocity of technological change. Our developers customised new core application software with the Deutsche Bank central content engine, to the needs of the consumer, and importantly, of our clients. Ease and flexibility was central to the new system to ensure heavy daily usage was simple and effortless.

maxblue is a truly transformational product. Because true transformation starts with the user and ends simply with true value.

Dr. Lars Finke


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