We enhanced the theme park experience.

Having fun at Europa-Park even without rollercoasters.

Europa-Park in Germay is one of the largest theme parks in Europe. Each year almost 5 million people go for the fun, thrill and entertainment. But theme park experiences were no longer just about the rollercoaster ride. As customers increasingly expected digitally enhanced services, Europa-Park needed to boost the whole park experience – and their app could no longer support this. They asked SinnerSchrader to collaborate to find new ways to deliver more value to the customer with a relaunch of the app.

Go, go, go content.

Customers told us they felt somewhat anxious and frantic when in a theme park. There was so much to do in so little time. We asked ourselves: what if we could escort them through the park to help make their journey more enjoyable? So we built a contextualised newsfeed that pushed relevant notifications throughout their journey, such as hotel bookings, shortest waiting lines and closest restaurants, making customers’ experiences more simple and less frantic.

More content, less clutter.

We dug deep into customer journeys to uncover moments of anxiety and find ways to alleviate them. Through the use of stories based on multiple persona, we compiled a logic of needs before, during and after park visits and matched them with a flow of relevant content and notifications. To minimise clutter, we introduced a new modular UI structure using a card-based system for easy access to relevant information.

Tackling complexity with collaboration.

One of the greatest challenges of the project was to integrate 200+ backend systems. Second to this was to create an app that was self-updating without the need to install a new version. This technically complicated task not only required a large team of highly skilled developers, but also a collaborative and communicative interdisciplinary team, on both sides of the partnership.

The Europa-Park app is a truly transformational product. By equipping customers with contextualised content, it changed the way they experienced the theme park, giving them more time for fun without franticness.

Sven Schmiede, Managing Director


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