We transformed content marketing.

CURVED turns content into a fast-growing business model.

Telefonica approached us to help them find a way to weave their services into their customers’ everyday lives. They wanted to be a companion to their customers. A relevant one. Together we created curved.de from scratch, a lifestyle content platform for the smartphone generation.

A start-up spirit.

Empathy starts with success.

CURVED was designed with frequency and quality in mind. And this is where success lies. More than 25 meaningful articles are created every day. Each article is graced with beautiful photographs, professional film productions and meaningful content tied to the smartphone life.

Fiction is just as good as fact.

To climb further up in the Google organic ladder and in the daily news streams, we need relevance. And something that sets us apart from the rest. We knew customers enthusiastically lap up the latest and greatest innovations. So we thought to ourselves: what if we create fictional stories of new innovations every month? So we did just that and created CURVED Labs! And the customers lapped it up! Like this one: The iconic Macintosh reinvented with up-to-date specs and a contemporary design:

A truly transformational product called CURVED.

We truly transformed the market for digital tech magazines. To date, CURVED has about 3 million active users every month. We are transforming users’ daily lives with meaningful content. We transform the marketing logic of Telefonica. And we are redefining and transforming Content Marketing. This is true transformation.


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