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Our publications on digital transformation and product design.

Turning digital transformation from head to toe.

Matthias Schrader deciphers the code behind the Transformational Products, with which Google & Co. successfully reshape entire markets. The book also provides a playbook for the successful development of Transformational Products in the corporate context.

Developing Transformational Products is hard work, but offers the best chance of success in the digital world.

Matthias Schrader,Author

Matthias Schrader is passionately fighting for a faster pace in digital transformation.

Matthias Schrader
Job Title
Author, Transformational Products
Founded SinnerSchrader and the NEXT Conference
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About the author.

Matthias Schrader is one of Europe’s digital pioneers. He founded SinnerSchrader in the mid-90s and began to develop e-commerce solutions for startups like Intershop, Ricardo and, enabling them to go public earlier than expected. In 2006, Schrader founded the NEXT Conference which has become the leading symposium for digital transformation in Europe. Today, the author, with his team of more than 500 consultants, designers and software engineers, continues to assist many large DAX index companies to develop cutting-edge digital products.

The Product Field Reference Guide.

The Product Field Reference Guide provides valuable advice and guidance for ambitious product people. For one, it explains the Product Field, a model, a canvas and a toolbox for product innovation. For another, it provides insight into the very nature of product innovation. Developed and written by KP Frahm, Michael Schieben and Wolfgang Wopperer-Beholz.

Essential for using the framework in a supportive way.

Mark Jäger, Consultant

Valuable advice for product people.

The Product Field is a cognitive medium for product innovation: a shared vocabulary, comprehensive model, and tested toolbox for collaborative product thinking. It will help you create a shared big picture, foster alignment, explore success factors and potential for improvement, and lift your product to the next level of innovation.

Transformational Products and The Product Field Reference Guide are available in both English and German, as paperback and e-book, via Amazon or your favourite book store.

A book about the culture of SinnerSchrader.

What is special about our culture? We are more interested in new digital topics, content and results - and less in corporate structures, processes and roles. We believe more in the magic of an experienced, well-rehearsed and cunning clan. No alpha leaders, no beta teams. And if we can say at the end of the day that we had fun, it has been a good day. We see leadership as the power of a great sporting collective. We have written this book as an invitation to like-minded people.

I think it's exciting for women to work in a technical environment - they're role models.

Ina Feistritzer,Head of Next, Chief Editor

Not for sale. The only way to see the complete book is to get in touch with SinnerSchrader.

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