Chris Rowe

Executive Director, SinnerSchrader, Frankfurt

The interface to the world.

Global values make up the DNA of SinnerSchrader. The agency works and thinks internationally and employs people from all over the world. Chris Rowe from England has managed the Frankfurt am Main site for over four years. He explains what makes SinnerSchrader special.

I wanted to work for a company that thinks about its end users and not just about the back end.

Chris Rowe,Executive Director

If you love innovation and want to learn new things, this is the place for you.

Chris Rowe
Job Title
Executive Director, SinnerSchrader, Frankfurt am Main
Computer science studies, then from start-up to big company to the agency
Fun Fact

Wide range of clients and projects.

I’m originally from Newcastle in the north of England. When I was a year old we moved to Malawi, Africa. My father worked there as a doctor for a few years so I grew up with different cultures. Later on, I studied computer science in England and then joined a start up. I was the 50th employee. When I left, there were several thousand employees. But I needed a break, so I spent a year travelling through Central America. I worked as an English teacher for three months in a small village in Costa Rica. That’s where I met my future wife, an American.

There’s great flexibility, and we can do a lot independently. The agency is big, but the decision-making paths are short.

Chris Rowe, Executive Director

There hasn’t been a single boring day.

When I joined SinnerSchrader four and a half years ago, we had around 25 employees in Frankfurt. Now there are more than 50 people here – and that’s not even counting the freelancers at peak times. In all this time, there hasn’t been a single boring day. And thanks to the very diverse employees from all over the world, you can keep developing personally, too. If you love innovation and want to learn new things, this is the place for you.

But above all, I talk with my colleagues and develop new ideas with them.

I’m always learning something new, it’s part of my job. When I started with SinnerSchrader, I had two teams. Now five team leaders report to me. This works well because half of the employees are developers, like me. It’s important to them that their team leader is technically competent. So I always keep up with current technologies, I develop prototypes and attend workshops on software architecture. But above all, I talk with my colleagues and develop new ideas with them.

Our way of working is different.

We believe that a company can function well only if its teams are successful. They are the core of our work – at SinnerSchrader, even the site managers and management are service divisions that support the teams. Our way of working is different from that of many other agencies as well. There’s no distinction between designers and developers on our projects. Everyone involved in a product works closely together, even spatially. It’s not always easy to explain this way of working to clients because many companies that outsource work are still thinking in old structures. But we’ve worked with most of our clients for many years. They know that our way of working is in their best interest and leads to good results.

Values that I want to teach my children.

To convey our philosophy, we asked ourselves where our focus lies and how we view ourselves. The answer can be summed up in seven sentences: I want us to embody these sentences every day – because this is how we want to live and work. These are values that I want to teach my children as well. Next year I’m travelling to Costa Rica with my family to visit the place where this story started ten years ago.

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